Do You Know What A Medical Administrative Secretary Is?

 Medical Administrative Secretary

If one is interested in a job in the medical field or the health care industry but at the same time being a doctor or a nurse is not really appealing, then a career in medical administration is the right choice for such a person. A medical administrative secretary performs various confidential administrative as also clerical work in a hospital, health care facility or a medical office.

The job profile of a medical administrative secretary is vast and it includes duties like book-keeping, medical billing, scheduling doctor's appointments and also processing medical insurance claims. He or she would also be responsible for handling telephone calls and emails, medical transcription as well as typing out reports. Ordering lab tests and supplies, meeting, receiving and instructing patients and their families are all part of the duties that a medical secretary performs.

Administrative secretaries provide support to the doctors, nurses, lab technicians as well as health care administrators. In most cases especially in smaller medical facilities the minimum qualifications is a high school diploma and with some amount of on job training a person would be able to perform his or her duties, gaining experience over a period of time. But generally larger hospitals and health care facilities would prefer to hire those candidates who possess an associate or a bachelor's degree preferably in science.

The essential qualifications that a medical administrative secretary should possess include the ability to multitask efficiently, good communication skills, and proficiency in computer. Besides these essential skills additional skills which this professional should possess would be knowledge of medical terminology, knack of numbers to help in accounting as well as book-keeping, knowledge of professional ethics and ability to interact well with patients.

Most administrators had initially begun their careers as medical administrative secretaries who rose to the top-level with sheer hard work, continued education and career training. An administrative secretary would get an insight into the fast paced yet challenging world of the health care industry. They also work in doctors' offices, hospitals, outpatient care centers, and other such facilities.

The basic role fulfilled by a medical administrative secretary includes the following:

* Ensure that the medical office works efficiently.

* Provide administrative support by handling phone calls, receiving patients, filing and maintaining records.

* Translates medical dictation as well as histories operative reports referral letters as also discharge summaries into text.

* Makes use of coded medical reports in order to submit bills to insurance companies.

* Other duties include entering the patients' records into the computer and registering, scheduling doctor's appointments and medical procedures for patients.

An associate degree in Medical Administration Assistant would lead to a career in the field as a medical secretary, a health information technologist or a medical transcriptionist. The classes that the student has to attend would deal with subjects like Introduction to Health Care administration, medical coding, medical terminology human anatomy and basic pharmacology and entail learning skills like keyboarding, medical coding and medical terminology.