laws of medical coding training

what are the laws of medical coding?

Medical coding can be defined as the procedure in which alphanumerical codes are assigned to the different procedures that come under allopathic medicine. These codes are assigned so as to make the procedure of reimbursement easy for all the parties involved.

There are many schools that teach medical coding and the course duration is usually 200 to 230 hours. Apart from codes, these schools also teach subjects such as Law, Physiology, Medicine Terminology, Reimbursement Methodologies, Ethics, Anatomy, Medical Information and Office Practice.

The eligibility condition for these schools is high school graduation. Computer skills are considered necessary in order to get into this stream because a coder has to work on computers all day long. People who are independent decision-makers and who are meticulous about their work would love this job because it doesn?t require a lot of communication with other people.

The training for this course not only involves study of medical terminology but also puts some emphasis on computer literacy and English comprehension. Topics that are covered in the training usually include anatomy and physiology, computer applications, expository writing (prose that is informative in nature), study of diseases, introduction to information technology, basic ICD9 coding, pharmacology, basic CPT coding, advance coding and reimbursement, medical coding and professional practice. In addition to the above subjects, good communication skills and speech communication are the other two subjects that may form a part of the curriculum.
(medical coding training)

A person doing this job should be able to comprehend and clarify insurance stipulations and reimbursement to clients and patients alike, precisely interpret and complete claim forms, carry out bookkeeping activities, handle medical billing procedures, follow-up with insurance companies and patients on unpaid bills and bill insurance companies and patients without delay. This requires comprehension of medical terms, diseases, and effective English writing and communication skills.

Online training courses and distance learning are also available for those who are looking for a part time learning option.